Travel-changing, life-changing hacks for the perfect plane seat

Travel Wire Asia
By Travel Wire Asia March 23, 2018 09:00

Travel-changing, life-changing hacks for the perfect plane seat

WHAT IF YOU WERE TOLD there’s a silver lining to being holed up in your airplane seat for long hours? How would you feel if you could control your seat destiny?

The truth is, traveling via economy (or rather, eco-no-money) is hardly ever fun, especially if you’re flying long-haul on a low-cost carrier. But that shouldn’t render you helpless and just having to deal with it.

There are ways you can turn eco-no-money into an enjoyable experience, as long as you use everything that you have – tips, tricks, and maybe some charm – to make it work for you.

To give your air travel a little boost, game the seating system with these travel-changing, life-changing hacks.

Get on SeatGuru

This nifty seating website is a goldmine.

SeatGuru features aircraft seat maps, seat reviews, and a color-coded system to differentiate the good seats from the not-so-great. Before you decide on your seat, search the website for the seat map associated with your flight. You’ll be able to get information about legroom, proximity to restrooms, electrical outlets if any, and read reviews from other travelers.

Source: SeatGuru.

For example, SeatGuru will tell you which seats have limited recline, as limited recline seats will trap you in your seat should the passenger in front of you recline all the way.

A good alternative to SeatGuru would be SeatMaestro.

Sit near the wing

For the most part, this is just science.

Encountering turbulence is the most challenging thing for any passenger. Not only would it disrupt your otherwise deep slumber, on more serious occasions, it strikes fear and causes panic. To reduce the risk of getting an anxiety attack when you’re merely two hours in on your 12-hour flight, get a seat near the wing – between rows 10 and 30.

Source: NASA.

An airplane is like a seesaw and if you’re seated near the wing, it puts you closer to the center of the airplane’s mass hence you’ll experience less movement in turbulent conditions.

Also, you’d get the best view. But again, get on SeatGuru or SeatMaestro to ensure that you’re getting an aisle that has a window.

Avoid the front row

Some travelers are of the opinion that the front row seats are the best and for various reasons.

Passengers way in the front would disembark before everyone else, it is closer to the premium class seats thus it’s quieter, some airlines serve food from the front first, and front rows in every section has the “more leg room” appeal.

Source: Shutterstock.

Here the thing though: families with kids in tow probably love the front row as much as you do, and it’s where the baby bassinets are usually located. So unless you’re A-okay with screaming/crying children throughout the entirety of your long-haul flight, perhaps opt for anywhere between rows 10 and 30 instead.

Get some much-needed shut-eye then thank us later.

Patience is a virtue, it really is

Ever wondered how your Facebook friends are able to snag business class upgrades all the time?

Maybe it’s lady luck at work, or maybe they just know how to make time work for them.

This trick may not work on low-cost carriers, but while other passengers are rushing to check-in or rushing to board, hang back and wait at the end of the line. Your patience and savviness might just pay off because you can sometimes score a free upgrade to business class.

Better yet, first class.

And when you do, snap those pictures from your premium class seat and score yourself some bragging rights on social media.

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Travel Wire Asia
By Travel Wire Asia March 23, 2018 09:00
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