Surf’s up: Ride the waves at these Indonesian destinations

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By Travel Wire Asia July 3, 2018 09:00

Surf’s up: Ride the waves at these Indonesian destinations

YES, we’ve all read rave reviews about Indonesia’s star island, Bali, by now.

It is after all the place to be if you’re looking for a diverse island holiday. The Indonesian island is a party hub, a wellness sanctuary, a spiritual land, and a surfing destination all rolled into one.

But there are many other, and some might say arguably better, surf spots within the Indonesian archipelago.

Known as the “Disneyland of surfing,” Indonesia’s beaches are the perfect places for surfers to get their dosage of adrenaline.

This is because the country has been blessed with world-class waves, due to its strategic position between two oceans.

“Indonesia, aka the Island of the Gods, truly is a heavenly place for surfers with its countless reef breaks offering some serious barrels and immaculate walls to smash, which draws thousands of surfers to the cluster of islands every year,” Ticket to Ride wrote.

Although it’s known to be a haven for surfers, and despite much of Indonesia having been scoured for surf spots, there’s still a lot left to explore.

With more than 13,000 islands, white sand beaches, and warm water all year, Indonesia is perfect for both surf freaks and beach bums.

Simeulue Island

On the western tip of Indonesia, about 150km off the west coast of Sumatra is Simeulue Island in Aceh.

The island is famous for its five-meter waves and a paradise for island-life-loving holidaymakers.

The good thing is, unlike Bali, large crowds of tourists haven’t found their way into Simeulue yet. For now, it’s still one of the top surfing destinations in Indonesia.

The Banyak Islands

The Banyak Islands, sometimes called Banjak Islands, are a group of inhabited islands located between Simeulue and Nias off the western coast of Sumatra in Aceh.

Another popular surfing spot in the province, it’s made up of 99 sparsely inhabited islands.

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The islands are home to world-class waves including “Treasure Island” as well as a dense wave cluster of breaks found in the “Bay of Plenty.”

The Mentawai Islands

At the west of Sumatra is a chain of islands consisting of four main islands surrounded by numerous smaller islands called the Mentawai Islands.

It is easy to see why Mentawai is one of the top preferred choices for pro surfers as it is said to have the most consistent surf breaks in Indonesia.

Surfing spots at the Mentawai Islands include E’bay, Beng-beng, Nipussi, and Pitstop. Once you’ve has a taste of its surf, move north to Nias Island.

Nias Island

Located Nias Island boasts the Sorake Bay, often known as just The Point, an internationally-famous surfing spot that provides both left and right-hand breaks.

In fact, its waves can reach up to 15 meters.

Although tourism to the island was momentarily affected by the earthquakes in 2004 and 2005, surfers still make up the largest segment of visitors to Nias, and the numbers are beginning to pick up again.

Incredible waves, friendly locals, and rich culture, what’s not to like? Nias Island is good to go all year round.

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Travel Wire Asia
By Travel Wire Asia July 3, 2018 09:00
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