How to make it through an awful hotel stay

Holly Patrick
By Holly Patrick June 25, 2018 09:00

How to make it through an awful hotel stay


THE realization that your hotel has catfished you is a painful one, to say the least.

As you hold up images of turquoise pools, beach views, elegant dining halls, and a fully stocked bar, next to what appears to be a set for a 1970s low budget horror movie, you can feel your heart sink faster than an anchor finding the seabed.

For some, the shock is too much to bear, immediately seeking Agoda’s help to find a new hotel.

But for others, rebooking isn’t an option, either for money reasons or perhaps because it’s the only resort on a tiny island in the middle of the South China Sea.

No boats for a week, no signal and “complimentary WiFi”  to match the rest of the hotel – abysmal.

What’s left to do other than get on with it?

Here are a few tips to turn your gloomy hotel stay into a sunshine-filled vacation.

Start with a deep sigh and…

Explain your issues to senior management

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The sooner you can complain to management, the better.

Hotels rely heavily on reviews so it will be in their interest to resolve a problem before a guest broadcasts it online.

Whether it’s broken air conditioning or a busted toilet, most hotels will fix the problem or move you to another room.

Speaking to management also creates a record of your disgruntlement meaning you have evidence of a complaint if you wish to take it further.

Remember to keep calm and name the solution you’re looking for.

If the hotel is fully booked

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If it’s a case of lump it or leave it because no other rooms are available, it’s normally worth lumping it, unless you’re worried for your safety.

Just spend as little time as possible in your room and go explore.

Whether it’s lounging on the beach, hiking the hills, strolling through the city s or sampling local delicacies, remind yourself a room is just a place to dream.

Ask for freebies

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In some cases, a fully booked hotel could work out well for you. If you’re stuck with an unsatisfactory room, you have every right to ask for items to make your stay better.

Whether it’s unlimited WiFi access, free meals or a bottle of something sparkling on the house.

Request these things politely and calmly while communicating a threat of a bad review through your eyes.

The room’s fine, but the bed is a concrete slab

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Particularly in the Asia Pacific region, beds tend to be harder than most Westerners are used to.

Unfortunately, this will likely be the case in most hotel rooms. A quick trick is to ask for extra duvets and pillows to sleep on.

The hotel’s great but your geography failed you

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If the hotel exceeds your expectations, but it’s not where you thought it was, chances are the onus is on you.

But all is not lost.

Enquire at the reception about transportation to local attractions and ask for a local’s opinion on what you should do in the area.

Perhaps you’ll stumble across a delightful restaurant and make local friends.

Always trust your instincts

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If you feel unsafe, run away and sort out a refund later.

If your traveler’s instinct is telling you a place feels unsafe or highly unhygienic, it’s probably because it is.

There is no amount of money you should risk your life or health for. Tell reception you need a refund, explain the reasons and go.

Warning signs of an unsecured or unclean hotel include faulty door locks, broken safes, dirty bathrooms and stained sheets, all with the additional frustration of unhelpful staff.

Remember: Always leave a review, either directly on the hotel’s website or on trusted platforms such as TripAdvisor. This way, future guests will be informed and won’t have to endure a nasty surprise.

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Holly Patrick
By Holly Patrick June 25, 2018 09:00
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