Discover the historic Melaka City through this new app

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By Travel Wire Asia July 2, 2018 04:00

Discover the historic Melaka City through this new app

The coastal region of Mekala may not be as well known as Penang or Kuala Lumpur, but it is a place full of treasures and has been recognized as a Unesco World Heritage Site since 2008. 

The city is steeped in history and a haven for gastronomic travelers.

Melaka’s Council wants to make sure visitors don’t miss an opportunity to discover every hidden gem in the city. As such, the council has created an easy-to-use information app, MyMelaka.

The new app aims to provide tourists with information about what to do and see.


Source: MyMelaka

The friendly user interface is a reflection of the atmosphere in Melaka.

Travelers will be able to explore Melaka from their fingertips.

Source: MyMelaka

The app is decked out with everything from accommodation, entertainment, and historical sites.

As well as where to eat, where to withdraw cash, and the nearest restrooms.

Source: MyMelaka

The city map is easy to use and filled with identifiable landmarks so you know where you are at all times.

MyMelaka also has an interactive calendar so you can plan your trip around events and festivities in the city.

Source: MyMelaka

There’s a lot to be discovered in Melaka, most notably because of its history.

According to legend, Melaka originated in the 13th century when Parameswara, the last king of the Singapura (now Singapore), was resting under a Melaka tree and saw a mouse deer kick a dog into the Melaka Straits.

He took it as an omen for strength and at that moment decided to establish the state and develop the port.

In the 16th century, the Portuguese invaded and tried to dominate Asian trade, but failed.

The Dutch then colonized Melaka in the early 17th century and built one of the city’s most iconic buildings – Stadthuys – the residence of Dutch governors.

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The early 19th century saw the British move their forces from Penang in the north down to Melaka to establish rubber plantations and tin mines, pushing the Dutch out.

During World War II, Malaysia was occupied by the Japanese for three years before the British regained control.

In 1957, Malaysia became an independent nation for the first time in nearly six centuries.

Melaka is a place where every era of colonialization can still be seen. Its history is marvelously showcased in period buildings that have been turned into museums.

It also boasts a melting pot of cuisines which can be sampled anywhere in the city.

One of the most famous places to grab a bite and absorb Melaka’s vibrant culture is in Jonker Street.

Every Friday and Saturday, the long street in China Town turns into a foodie haven.

Hawkers and restaurants serve up delights such as egg burgers stuffed with chicken, crab meat, or ham.

Every variety of satay.

A piping hot bowl of assam laksa.

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You can easily eat your way along Jonker Street, occasionally looking up to admire the old architecture illuminated by lanterns.

If the thought of a food and history filled adventure makes you excited, don’t hesitate to book your trip and be sure to download this brilliant app for an easy way to discover the best of  Mekala.

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Travel Wire Asia
By Travel Wire Asia July 2, 2018 04:00
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